Milk Jug Round Wave

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This stainless steel milk jug sports the iconic Wave design.

This milk jug with its matching sugar bowl completes the set to make the perfect tea service.


Product Details

Designer : Carrol Boyes

Material : Stainless Steel

Collection : Dining & Entertaining

Weight : 386g

Dimensions : 105 x 90 x 110

Item condition: New

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Created 30 years ago, the Carrol Boyes brand has stood the test of time with its quirky originality and strong artistic design. We look ahead to the next 30 years of setting the trends with a plethora of new products in the pipeline. Our talented designers continue to create world class functional art in keeping with the legacy of the brand.

The Carrol Boyes products are associated with style and finesse and are available throughout South Africa, and in over 30 other countries around the world. The designs are inimitable and unique, succeeding in putting South Africa on the design map. New customers are being attracted globally every day by these stylish and distinctive designs.

Today, Carrol Boyes (Pty) Ltd is a multi-cultural organisation that supports gender empowerment both within and out of its infrastructure. The company’s ethos is driven by a sincere commitment to the betterment and welfare of individuals in the community and workplace. It invests in its staff to ensure the future growth of the organization, and supports the community at a grassroots level. Carrol Boyes (Pty) Ltd is currently working within the guidelines set by sector education and training authorities in South Africa, focusing on skills development, training implementation and growth within the company. The Carrol Boyes brand is recognised as an icon both locally and internationally.

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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