SPCA Memories – Deacon Selina Nisbet

The SPCA rescued a great Dane that had been left for weeks in a garden without food. The family had gone away and the SPCA climbed the fence to break in and rescue it. He was called Bruce and was near to death. He was brought to the SPCA and was given a drop of whiskey to revive him as his life was close to ending. He was cared for by the SPCA and once he put on weight we took him on trial but unfortunately he was terrified of cats so was rehomed to a farm where he had much more exercise room. We eventually got our dog from the SPCA. He was lovely and laid back. He had been rescued from a compound in ndola. He was the one we used to bring to the tick dip once a month. Our cats used to stay at the SPCA when we were away on holiday.

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