Free rabies vaccines

The Ndola SPCA continues to provide free rabies vaccinations for anyone who brings their dogs to the SPCA.

They are normally done on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9.30 to 10.30.

The First Rabies vaccine should be given at 3 months, the Second at 6-9 months and thereafter annually.

Due to logistical problems, we have only managed one Rabies Day in Chipulukusu this year. The rabies vaccine drives are important for several reasons. By vaccinating as many dogs as possible we prevent the spread of this dreadful disease. Because we provide free jabs there is no reason for any owner to have an unvaccinated animal. We need these drives as we still have a lot of dogs roaming our streets despite this. These drives are not just about rabies, they are also about educating pet owners on looking after their dogs; getting them dipped regularly, tending their wounds and their fly bitten ears and explaining the merits of neutering your pet. Encouraging responsible pet ownership should ultimately help the stray dog problem in our city.

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